A New Skincare brush i'm obsessed with


You guys!!! I am so excited for this post today, because i'm sharing with y'all my favorite newest skincare finds. A few week backs I got a email from a brand called The Gentic for a partnership opportunity and I was thrilled. After doing some research of their products I decided to give it a try.

Boy am I glad that i did it. This new face brush has made my skincare routine simpler and faster. I choose The Gentic brush in Monotone Rose and I love this color so much! This waterproof cleanser brush is a great tool to get a deep clean for your skin and breaks down dirt and oil within the pores. The massaging pulse of this cleanser brush is great for massaging under your eyes too.

After using this amazing product, your skin with feel firm, soft and smooth to the touch. I have used it for the past few weeks and have truly a product i will get tones of use from. I hope you enjoyed this little review of a new product im loving and I will see y'all next week.

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