Everyday Summer Casual Look

Summer is slowly coming to an end. This past summer for me has been full of school getting closer to being an Medical Assistant and lots of trips and memories. Throughout the summer I wore many outfits very similar to this. I love wearing outfits like this because they are simple and quick to put on. I recently acquired this soft camo shirt and I am in love.

I love wearing big floppy hats like this during the summer and I am planning on buying more hats soon. With fall coming very soon, I am so excited for all the all amenities and the crisp cool weather. Also I need your guy's help. I am planning on getting another tattoo and I am wondering where to get it put. I already have a tattoo on each arm and my new one while be on the larger scale. Have any ideas, comment below! I hope you enjoy this look and see you next week.

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