How to Make Your Outfit Pop

Today's blog post is covering two different topics that I am excited to cover. My favorite thing about this outfit is it so stylish but at the same time it pops and is different than what others would wear. It is such a comfy outfit for any activity you are doing and is perfect for fall.

A question I often get is what my lip combo is that I wear most often. In this photo I am wearing the same exact color I wear almost everyday. The two lip products that I wear almost on the daily are from Arbonne and Revlon. I first apply the Arbonne liquid lipstick and lipgloss combo named Amaryllis but I don't use the lip gloss in that product. After applying the liquid lipstick, I add the Revlon Lip Plumper in Peony Buff. Such a perfect combo and makes any outfit pop.

Although the outfit looks simple to recreate, you want to make it pop. Below are 5 tips on how to assistant in standing out.

1: Sturdy Handbag

One of my biggest tips for making your outfit stand out is having a great handbag to accentuate the outfit and put it all together.

2: Makeup

You may not notice my makeup in this picture, but that can also help you look more put together and I am wearing natural makeup.

3: Accessories

A great way to draw attention is to also accessorize with bracelets, belts, sunglasses, watches, and necklaces. One other accessory you may not of thought of is wearing a hat or even a scarf in your hair.

4: A Smile

Yes! I indeed did say a smile. Even though your outfit may look amazing you won't feel amazing unless you smile and are happy with what you are wearing.

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