My Favorite Running Shoes

Happy Tuesday my friends! I am so beyond excited that it is starting to feel like fall in my neighborhood. Last week my boyfriend and I went to the Cider Mill and we had some donuts and cider and it got me so incredibly excited. They shoes I have gotten from Kohls, have been what I am wearing religiously. They are so incredibly comfortable and I am so in love with the color.

Finding tennis shoes that fit just right is tough. These ones I found at Kohls, by Under Armour are my ultimate favorite shoes I've had in awhile. They are so perfect for so many outdoor activities, especially running. These shoes have made my running and jogging journey so easy and they are incredibly comfortable. I've noticed with other sneakers and tennis shoes that when running in them my feet tend to start hurting after running for a while but not with these.

Under Armour Sneakers: Buy Here

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