My Winter/Spring Skincare Favorites

The other night i took a late night selfie and loved the way my skin looked, without any makeup on. There are a few things I did in my skincare routine that have worked wonders for glowy, dewy but not oily skin. The last few months I have been doing a better job of taking care of my skin and wearing makeup less often. When I am not filming a video or taking photos I let my skin breath, drink lots of water and use lots of skincare products.

I have seen a huge improvement in my skin texture and overall appearance. There are a few key things I did to get glowy skin and an even skintone. First I drink a lot of water. When i mean a lot, i mean 3-4 water bottles that are 32oz each. I don't want to strip all the oils from my skin so I alternate days that I use face masks. Some days I just clean my face and then put my favorite moisturizer from Arbonne on; but then other days I also do a face mask. The two face masks I have been loving recently are the Ordinary AHA + BHA Peeling Mask and then also the Arbonne Cellular Renewal Mask.

1: Arbonne Cellular Renewal Mask - BUY HERE

2: Physicians Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shot - BUY HERE

3: Neutrogena Hydro Boost for Sensitive Skin - BUY HERE

4: Banila&Co Clean It Zero 3 in 1 Cleansing Balm - BUY HERE

5: Arbonne Rescue & Renew Mask - BUY HERE

6: The Ordinary AHA 30% & BHA 2% Peeling Solution - BUY HERE

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