Springing Forward into Spring

Ruffle Striped Swimsuit // Floral Mini Dress // Nude Studded Mules //

Butterfly Necklace // Ripped Shorts // Printed Bag // Floral Paper Bag Shorts

Is it just me or is anyone else done with winter and ready for the warmth. We have gotten so much snow lately and I am so ready to go on a trip to the warmer weather. I can not wait for some sunshine and flowers that spring brings. I am having serious spring fever.

Until then, I will shop new spring arrivals from my favorite stores like H&M and Shein for some new spring favorites. These are some of the cutest new arrivals and this swimsuit from H&M is only $35.99 and a total grab me up. Seems like ruffles and floral print are popular again this spring and I am so excited.

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