Valentines Day with Shein

Valentines Day, the holiday of love. One of the days that so many people get engaged on and celebrate love. I've never been in a relationship long enough to actually celebrate Valentine's Day with a significant other. I personally spend valentines day dressed up and with family doing pretty much nothing. Don't be like me though, so I listed some activities to do on Valentines Day if your single like a pringle.

Also forgot to mention about this outfit! I recently got a shipment of items from shein that I am loving. This beautiful dress from Shein is I think one of my absolute favorites. I am wearing a size medium and it fits perfectly. The length is just right and I love how you can dress it up or down. Not only can you wear this multiple ways but you can also wear it during many different seasons too.

Now onto the good part of the blog post. What do you guys do when your single on Valentine's Day? I usually get a card from my momma and this year I'll be single during valentine's day again. Listed below is some ideas that you might enjoy for this festive day.

1: watch romantic comedies while eating popcorn

2: Go on a girls night out and go bowling

3: you could have a night in and play board games, such as Cards Against Humanity

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