Where we stayed in Charlevoix, Michigan and 4 things to do when there

For our Labor Day weekend festivities I went up to Charlevoix with my family for a three day trip. We stayed at one of the cutest Airbnb Condos a couple blocks away from the beach. We felt so at home and cozy when first getting there. Everything was so clean and beautiful prepared when we arrived. This condo was the perfect distance from downtown Charlevoix. They provided all the necessities for cleaning your dishes, laundry and making your stay comfortable.

Check out the Airbnb here: Clean & Cozy Loft Airbnb in Charlevoix

Now onto some of the fun things to do when exploring Charlevoix and Petoskey. There are so many beautiful hikes and beaches to go to around that area.

. Mushroom House Tours

  • this is a perfect afternoon activity to do when it is gloomy and not in the best condition to go on a hike or to the beach. You can do a self guided tour around Charlevoix and see all the mushrooms houses built by Earl Young. Visit all 28 of these magical stone structures a.k.a.Gnome Homes/Hobbit Houses and experience this majestic architecture found nowhere else in the world.

Fisherman Island State Park

  • If you are looking for a good beach to have a picnic on or look for Petoskey stones this is the beach for you. Walking further down the beach from where everyone else is, you can find tons of beautiful Petoskey Stones that are worth keeping.

Thorn Swift Nature Preserve

  • This a beautiful place to go on a one mile hike and see so many varieties of plants, flowers and types of ecosystems. They have a boardwalk for viewing lake Michigan and the sand dunes, they have a beach access and so many cool areas to discover. It's the perfect hike to get away from the city and take a breather and really enjoy the nature around you.

Young State Park

  • This is a great little state park for a hike. We went on the White Birch Nature trail and it was supper muddy because the water levels where really high up. It is a great 1.4 mile hike and it took us around an hour to do because of the mud and we did get slightly lost.

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