Winter Wonderland in Michigan

It's a little early for snow. I woke up this morning and saw all the snow on the ground and wasn't pleased. As i went outside for the first time it was beautiful and I felt so much glee. I hurried up and got changed and ran outside to take photos. I hate the cold but you can't deny the beautiful sight of pine trees covered with snow and large snowflakes coming down.

We are expecting 3-6 inches today alone, so I am getting ready to be bundled up this winter. Although it wasn't all too cold outside wearing pictures, having the snow hitting my face made me take these shots quickly. I was plenty warm with this huge oversized sweater I wore from TJmaxx. These jeans I got from Romwe are some of my favorite and I wear them almost everyday. They are so incredibly comfy and such a great price too. I also believe I got this warm scarf from Romwe as well.

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